Monday, September 1, 2008

The Joy of Motherhood

My shirt is almost always dirty, remember to not wear white. On a given day I can have various baby bodily fluids, leaking breastmilk, dog drool, or even chocolate kisses on my shoulder from hugging toddlers.

I haven't been in the bathroom by myself in years. Instead, I go with little helpers handing me towels and toilet paper. ("Mommy, my you have pretty panties" This is especially nice when you are at a public bathroom and there is line of people waiting to go.)

My post-pregnant body is scarred with the battle wounds of pregnancy and breastfeeding... stretch marks, loose skin, c-section scars, and ummm.... fat. I wouldn't change a thing.

I listen to theme songs from the Disney Channel for twenty minutes in the car and then realize the kids are not even in the car!

I let my three year old give me a manicure, and then leave it for weeks, proudly showing it off.

I am responsible for all... lost shoes ("Mom, why can't I find my shoes?!!"), lost clothing and toys, and meals that aren't good ("Why did you cook this? I don't really like it.") When things go wrong, it is all my fault.

My three year old tells me I am beautiful, all the time. Even when I know I don't.

I never feel lonely, or unloved. I hear "I love you, Mommy" daily.

I can have hour long conversations about the wonderful things my children do every day... how much they are learning and growing. I am their teacher.

I love good music and good books and take time to enjoy them regularly. My kids know I love good books and good music, and I hope they will one day enjoy it too.

I'll never look back and wish I had more time to play with my kids.

When everything goes right, I get credit for that too. Completely rewarding.

The joy of motherhood.